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Exhibition of Memorial Concepts

Artist(s): MEHEDI AMIN, Bangladesh

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Proposal Title: Lost WORLD....., 03/18/2008, Other

Proposal Synopsis: The first thing that human being did was to ??DIVIDE?. It could be about religion, political, social, economical and so on and the result is ??WAR?. To address this, the memorial has two entries or you can say two exits. To enter the memorial the visitors have to make a choice about which way they will use to enter. So automatically they will be divided into two groups. The sphere represents the EARTH, made of metal, which is not natural. Thus the metal Earth represents ??man made disasters?. As the inner void space represents the results of all wrong things that the human beings have already done and at the same time the ??punch? that has the shape of Iraq, at the entrance curved wall, represents the death of the civilians during the war. The hollow punch connects gives us a feeling of ??ABSENCE?. A ??cone? is placed at the west side of the sphere as U.S.A is at the west of Iraq. The civilization called ??Mesopotamia? that lies within Iraq, used to use a system of counting based on 60. So all the dimensions of this memorial is divisible by the number 3.

Artist's Biography: Mehedi Amin is an architect. Born in 1981 at Jessore, Bangladesh. Studied at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Continues his job in an architectural firm. Have interest in paintings & philosophy. Currently he resides in Dhaka.

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