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Artist(s): Perfecto Manuta, United States

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Proposal Title: The Iraqi People in Our Eyes, 05/06/2010, Video/Film

Proposal Synopsis: I am trying to illustrate how we as a military force saw the Iraqi people. We had little or no interaction with the Iraqi people. I will hope to illustrate this the right way, but what is the right way. We saw these people as potential targets. As you can see in the pictures most of them are very distant. But even though all these chaos is going on in these people's lives they still live their everyday life as if there was no war. It seems like they just coupe with this war. I think frankly its amazing. I hope this composition will illustrate that.

Artist's Biography: Born in the Philippines on June 20th 1985. Came to the United States as the age of seven. Move around a lot when I was younger and ended up in Sparks, Nevada where I enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. Did my four years and received an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps. Now I am going to college full time and working on my BA degree. Now I just truly enjoy life and have a different perspective of life.

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